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Our HLM Group family

HLM is part of the HLM Group family; HLM Surveying A/S, SMT Nordic, De Fakto Rådgivende Landinspektører, ITL - Inside the Lines and Maxpartner:

HLM Surveying is a technical surveying company. We work at some of the largest construction projects in Denmark.

SMT Nordic is mainly owned by HLM Group and is co-owned by German Angermeier and Austrian Geodata. The company stems from many joint monitoring projects carried out in Denmark in recent years under the name SMT Denmark. Read more about SMT Nordic here. SMT Nordic and HLM offer our customers the latest technology, safe operation and the best customer service.

De Fakto Rådgivende Landinspektører is a new established land surveyor company with experienced forces behind it. A milestone for HLM, which now offers competencies from a strong team of land surveyors.

In addition, HLM Group also consists of the software and hardware companies ITL and Maxpartner:

ITL (Inside the lines) is a total supplier of Autodesk licens solutions for the construction, design and development industry. Read more about ITL here.

Maxpartner is a supplier of quality equipment for surveying and construction companies.




We create value individually and together.

All our family members are united in our HLM family. We make each other strong and together we are a solid partner, as we create a team of employees with the competencies you need for your project to succeed. We have in-depth knowledge with as-built, sales data and machine control data. In addition to the traditional tasks, we also solve tasks such as creating a fixed point network, static measurement and monitoring. Our skills make it possible for us to work at some of the largest projects in Denmark with the leading contractors.



Our values

It's the detail that counts. That's why we strive to be innovative and solution-oriented in everything we do. We achieve your project goals at a highly professional level thanks to our well-trained, skilled employees and the best equipment on the market.

If we do not have what you need, we aspire to acquire it. To us, it is important that each collaboration builds on trust and the will to create new innovative solutions when required - these values form the foundation for a good collaboration.

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