Earthwork quantities

Earthwork quantities

Are you about to start a construction project and need an overview of the project's soil conditions and quantities? Let us help you with an intelligent 3D project model.

An intelligent 3D project model provides you with a range of data and knowledge that is necessary to minimize the typical errors and disturbances encountered through a project phase, which is due to lack of data and information about the conditions on site and in the ground.

We also help to develop an intelligent 3D project model in connection with tenders and turnkey contracts for, among other things, construction projects, road construction, railways and parking facilities.

Quantities - Soil Conditions & Quantities
3D project model

The model will show everything contained in your project, eg:

  • roads
  • brother
  • drainage conditions
  • signs
  • crash barriers or other.

We can also incorporate a geotechnical feasibility study in the quantity calculations, in order to get a full picture of the actual soil conditions.

The models have many options; visualization, machine control data, drawing material, quotation lists and much more can be provided.

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