We can help with professional monitoring of everything on, below and above ground.

This is our colleagues in SMT Nordic's core competence.

Together, HLM and SMT Nordic perform monitoring of settlement, oscillations or deformations. We perform monitoring continuously and automatically on e.g.:

  • Buildings
  • Terrain
  • Bridges
  • Quay facilities
  • Secondary poles
Hlm Landmåling
professionel monitering

With our monitoring setup you get:

  • Extensive construction supervision
  • Overview of risks and the possibility of intervention in time
  • 24 hour monitoring
  • Direct access to all data

We have the best equipment on the market available: Inclinometer, Extensometer, Tiltmeter, Load cells, Strain Gauge, Groundwater, Liquid leveling and Crack meters.

In addition, we are responsible for all data management and server solutions.


Nikolaj H. Sørensen


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Dieter Heinz

Teknisk ansvarlig / SMT Nordic

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