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We want to give students the best start as map and surveying technicians. That is why we offer a trainee course for students in the map and surveying technician program. This is a unique opportunity to kickstart your career with practical learning and "hands on" experience with the surveying technical subject.

HLM offers you a fixed salary during the entire course, mentoring scheme, a personally arranged trainee course, help with homework, a professional mentor and guidance for tasks during the education. You and your personal mentor will tailor the course to give you the best possible conditions for strengthening your professionalism as a map and surveying technician, exactly in your field of interest.

As a HLM trainee, you are guaranteed an internship with a professional supervisor at HLM for exam assignments. The trainee course extends over 15 months period and helps you become a skilled surveying technician. The course gives you a unique insight into everyday life as a surveying technician at HLM.

Application process

  • We receive applications from December to mid-February
  • Send your application to:
  • Interviews will be held mid-February to mid-March
  • Start-up and contract signing in April
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Please contact:

Steinunn Osk Gudmundsdottir:

tlf. +45 2721 2031, mail:

What is it like to be a trainee at HLM?

The trainee course at HLM is divided into 5 overall phases.

Phase 1 You will receive in-depth training and knowledge in the use of the instruments that form the framework for your daily work in the field.

Phase 2 You get a unique opportunity to take responsibility for your own tasks, and you have the opportunity to work on projects for customers. With guidance from surveyors and managers, you will be responsible for projects as well as communication with customers. At this phase, you will be able to improve your skills as a professional surveyor. 

Phase 3 Working in-depth and learning is the main focus at this phase. You will be able to create a solid base of skills towards thesis writing.

Phase 4 Dedicated to thesis writing. You get the opportunity to have a supervisor to assist you with experience and knowledge.

Phase 5 Will primarily focus on ending the trainee course and the further opportunities.

In this phase, emphasis will also be placed on introducing and training the new generation of trainees to the company and HLM's work ethic. Interviews are held throughout the course, so we ensure the best possible course for the individual.


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