Building construction

Building construction

We work on Denmark's largest building construction and renovation projects, and typically have one or more surveyors associated with the project.

We are involved in all phases from pile foundation, construction pit, raw house, steel structures to installation of facades and the final accommodation.

Byggeri dokumentation og kontrol

Our extensive experience with the various phases of a project means that we can supply the main deposit and the many different types of construction surveying that are required for a construction.

In connection with the construction of the building or the renovation, we can perform all kinds of geometric control of the building - before, during and after the project.

All legal compliance work our colleagues at De Fakto Rådgivende Landinspektører are happy to help you with.


Alexander F. Andersen

Project Manager

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Karsten Dahl-Gren

Kort- og landmålingstekniker

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