AARSLEFF puts HLM in top 20 supplier list

AARSLEFF puts HLM in top 20 supplier list

As the only company in the surveying industry, HLM is placed on Aarsleff's top 20 supplier list. The top 20 ranking is due to HLM's high level of service and quality in the task solution.

“Being in the top 20 at Aarsleff means that you are the preferred supplier within your industry. It also requires that we must be ready - and the ranking proves that we are ”, says Nikolaj Halborg Sørensen, customer director at HLM, and elaborates:

"Being in the top 20, keeps us committed and very motivated to strengthen the collaboration with Aarsleff in the future, so we are the company you call."

Being a preferred supplier is largely due to the company's employees and project managers in the field:

“At the same time, I would like to send a big thank you to our talented employees, who are basically the basis for us to deliver a good job. They are the reason why the relationship with our customers is so trusting and satisfying ”, Nikolaj states.

At HLM, we are proud and happy about the great collaboration with Aarsleff, and we are very much looking forward to current and upcoming projects. If you want to see which projects we have solved in collaboration with Aarsleff.