HLM is Expanding

HLM is expanding

October 1st, HLM Group opens the doors to a new office in Herning and, as co-owners, De Fakto Rådgivende Landinspekterer in Aalborg, and well-known employees are behind it.

Stationsmestervej 172 in Aalborg will be the office address for the new land surveying company, which has HLM Group in the ownership circle. Nikolaj Halborg Sørensen is the founder and primary owner of HLM Group and he is pleased with the expansion:

“It is a dream come true that we are now opening De Fakto and offering legal consulting competencies. Many years of hard work are behind this goal, and it is finally realized on the basis of a super competent team. I am very proud of that and I am extremely pleased that HLM Group is now a full-circle company, where customers get all the competencies they need,” says Nikolaj Halborg Sørensen.

In addition, two experienced land surveyors are the owners of the company; Martin Bak Rasmussen and Jens Henrik Sørensen come with respectively 18 and 26 years of experience from the land surveying, supply and engineering industries. The day-to-day management is shared by the owner group and has co-owner Henrik Ibsen as CEO.

Synergy between companies

HLM Group has i.a. the companies SMT Nordic, HLM Landmåling and now De Fakto in the portfolio. With the addition of land surveyor competencies, HLM Group strengthens its position in, among other things, the construction industry and the supply industry.

“One can say that HLM Group as a whole functions as a one-stop-shop, where customers can get specialized knowledge throughout their project phase; from advisory knowledge in De Fakto, the technical knowledge in HLM Landmåling, and the specialized monitoring team in SMT Nordic. It creates a great synergy and the opportunity to optimize projects and anticipate any challenges,” says Martin Bak Rasmussen, COO and land inspector.

Values shapes a success

With company values based on positivity, trust, credibility and a healthy corporate culture, De Fakto would like to develop over the coming years.

“With many years in the industry behind us, Martin and I have seen what shapes a success. We believe that skilled employees, a high level of service and a strong, clear value base are the key to this. We will stand by and behind our advice, but also be humble about our position. And we look forward to showing that ", says land inspector and CCO, Jens Henrik Sørensen

With competent employees in-house, the company can offer broad-spectrum land surveying services, but will focus in particular on two business areas; project and property development and supply and groundwater consultancy.

“In addition to a good team of employees, we hope that the many good relationships we have had with customers and partners for many years will give us a good start. Even though we are in new clothes, we hope that customers know that they still get the same competencies and a trusting collaboration with us, ”concludes Martin Bak Rasmussen, COO and land inspector.

De Fakto will work closely with approx. 80 colleagues in HLM Group, who is located in offices in Taastrup, Odense, Aarhus, Herning and Aalborg.


  • HLM Group owns the companies; De Fakto Rådgivende Landinspektører ApS, SMT Nordic, HLM Landmåling.
  • For additional information contact: Henrik Ibsen, Administrerende direktør,, +45 29 32 18 08